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Great playing everyone! With your help we've donated $7,500 to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. And we're proud to announce our new partner: Beautiful Day Foundation.

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Mobile Deluxe has joined the fight against breast cancer and we need your help. By playing the Bliss mobile game, you have the opportunity to contribute towards our goal of donating $10,000 to the Beautiful Day Foundation.

Earn points until you win a pink ribbon code (up to five ribbon codes in all) and Mobile Deluxe will donate $0.20 to Beautiful Day Foundation for every ribbon code. All you have to do is play this fun and relaxing game and you will have the extraordinary opportunity to bring awareness for breast cancer. Do your part for this worthy cause by helping us reach our goal of 50,000 ribbons.

Play Well, Do Good. Bliss


~Get a Free Breast Cancer Awareness~ Bracelet!

On your 3rd ribbon code entry,
Mobile Deluxe will send you a FREE Share the Bliss breast cancer awareness bracelet. By wearing your Share the Bliss bracelet you are making a visible statement that you actively support breast cancer awareness. It’s a great way to inspire conversation and spread awareness about the cause. Wear it with pride, Share the Bliss and we can help find a cure, together, in our lifetime.




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